Chairman Wenliang Wang

Founder and Chairman of China Rilin Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Wenliang Wang is Founder and Chairman of China Rilin Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (“Rilin Group”) and Chairman of Dandong Port Group. Mr. Wang also serves as Vice Chairman of China Chamber of International Commerce.

He is also the Honorary Chairman of Dandong City Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairman of Dandong Philanthropic Association. Because of his generous contributions to studies and researches of Sino-US relations, Mr. Wang is a member of US-China Relations Committee, a member of Harvard University Asian Committee and an honorary doctorate from University of South Carolina. His business is the largest taxpayer in Dandong region.

Mr. Wang’s extraordinary success in business benefitted from the greatest cause of the Deng Xiaoping’s open door economic reform policies. Mr. Wang was born in Dandong city, Liaoning Province, China, from an ordinary family background. In late 1970s, Mr. Wang was one of the millions of young Chinese during this time who entered universities through the competitive entrance examinations for the first time in ten years. (Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was a contemporary with similar experience). Mr. Wang was majored in Economics and graduated in early 1980s. After graduation like millions graduates across the country assigned to work for government agencies or government owned enterprises (there were virtually no private businesses to speak of during those years), Mr. Wang was assigned to work for a local government economics research division, particularly focusing on private business sectors development in China. During the following ten years, China was going through some of the greatest changes in its economic systems, and private business started emerging in China. Again like some of the graduates and young Chinese who were of entrepreneurial spirits during late 1980s and early 1990s to pursue for the first time their own careers outside the government or government related careers, Mr. Wang resigned his research work, and started his own entrepreneurial career.

During the last two decades, Mr. Wang’s business has developed and expanded into different sectors, including ports, railway infrastructure, equipment manufacturing (ocean engineering equipment), mining & minerals resources, modern agriculture processing, transportation logistics, construction and environmental industries. There are about 30,000 employees working for Mr. Wang’s different business sectors in over 30 companies and subsidiaries both at home and abroad.

During the past several years, RMB 20 billion has been raised and invested into the expansion and construction of Dandong Port infrastructures, which has increased the throughput capacity to 138 million MT in 2014, an increase of 12 times from 10 years ago. As the eastern portion of the northeast railways in China opened up, Rilin Group built 36 land ports across Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province and eastern part of Inner Mongolia Region, and partnered with some of the large Chinese and international ports to offer its clients sea to sea and railway to sea non-stop transportation services. Such combined transportation services linking railways, highways and ocean transportations together has greatly increased its capacity and capability to serve its clients in the eastern part of the northeast China.

Rilin Group’s modern agriculture business imports and processes 3.5 million metric tons of soybeans and corns from US, Brazil and other parts of the world. It produces high quality soybean oils under its own brand, Lecithin and Vitamin E for the Chinese markets.

Rilin Group’s subsidiary Dandong Shipbuilding Industry Co. Ltd. has built three dock berths and shipways with 50,000 metric ton each and has an annual capacity to build 30 engineering vessels and ultra large tugboats. In 2012, Rilin Group signed the heavy industry cooperation contract with Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Co., Ltd., planning to build a world class marine engineering equipment manufacturing base with an annual production capacity up to 6 million DWT.

Mr. Wang loves nature and is an environmentalist. During past several years, Mr. Wang invested hundreds of millions into the Dandong Yalu River Estuary Wetland to have restored its original ecological conditions, and returned this 267,000 acres of one of the largest wetlands in China to the nature and birds without further human interference. After the restoration, the Dandong Wetland has become one of the most visited and inhabited wetlands in the world by 360 kinds of birds from all the world, and 88 kinds of fishes, amphibians and mammals, and 344 different plants. Every year millions of birds spending the winter here at the Dandong Wetland, the large group up to 120,000. The Dandong Wetland has become the last stop for the wading birds from Australia and New Zealand to get foods before they reach their breeding place in Alaska.

Dandong City, right across the North Korea, is separated by the Yalu River. Mr. Wang and his Dandong Port Group require that each Party on each contract with Dandong Port Group as must sign such clauses to represent and warrant to Dandong Port that it strictly observe the United Nations Security Councils Resolutions on embargos on North Korea, and all its cargos and goods under the embargos shall not be transported to North Korea and shall not have any commercial and business dealings with North Korea.

His employees enjoy the best welfares and working environment locally. Mr. Wang is also a very generous philanthropist who gives money and necessities to over 1,000 households and 30 schools in poverty areas in China every year.

Mr. Wang has a great concerns for a stable US-China relation without which, according to him, no stable commerce relation is possible. Therefore, Mr. Wang made various generous donations to the American research institutes and universities for the purpose of understanding the factors that could have an impact on an amicable and stable relations between the two largest countries in the world. Mr. Wang is the first founding member of the US-China Club which has some of the most successful entrepreneurs from China and US.

The headquarters of Rilin Group is located at No. 2 Sanwei Road, Zhenxing District, Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China.